"...exercising of weapons puts away aches, griefs, and diseases, it increases strength,
and sharpens the wits. It gives a perfect judgement, it expels melancholy, choleric and
evil conceits, it keeps a man in breath, perfect health, and long life."
Paradoxes of Defence, George Silver

Fitness was a way of life for the warrior classes of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Knights, soldiers, men-at-arms, and mercenaries were expected to stay in continual practice at their profession of arms to be ready to fight whenever called upon. Contrary to popular myth, modern research has discovered that Medieval fighting methods were fast, agile, and sophisticated, and scholars of the age espoused a deep philosophy on maintaining the body in peak fighting shape.

"For the ende of this arte is not to lifte up or beare great burdens, but to move swiftelie.
And there is no doubt but he vanquisheth which is most nimble, and this nimblenesse
is not obtained by handling of great heftes or waightes, but by often moving."

- Giacomo Di Grassi

Some of their ideas have even survived to this very day: modern gymnastics and ballet are both direct descendants of warrior exercises from the Middle Ages.

At Arte Athletica Medieval Fitness, we have put together a boot camp program inspired by these great historical warrior-scholars to help you develop the power, agility and athleticism that the knights of old valued so highly. Classes are taught by a martial artist with more than fifteen years experience practicing and teaching Medieval and Renaissance swordplay and weapon fighting. You'll practice tons of different sword fighting exercises, footwork, weight manipulation, vaulting, gymnastics, and adversarial drills. If you're ready to work out the Warrior Way, then register for class now and prepare to